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Industrial Piston Type

  • Effective Cooling fans design to highly reduce the compression temperature.
  • Durable cast iron crankshaft and pump – excellent wear-resistance.
  • User-friendly – easy operation and maintenance.
  • Various options for different application.
  • Motor size: 1/4~30HP
    Working pressure: 7~16kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 285~1320 l/min
    Tank Capacity: 36~400 liter
  • Big Crankcase oil sump.
  • Special oil-filled crankshaft.
  • Built-in enforced lubrication system provides highly reliabe solutions.
  • Oil pressure protection mechanism.
  • Effective air circulative cooling system.
  • Automatic Loading/Unloading design.
  • Design for heavy duty industries.
  • Motor size: 5~15HP
    Working pressure: 8~16kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 545~1480 l/min
    Tank Capacity: 155~300 liter
  • Perfect anti-noise design with rigid frame structure to reduce the working noise efficiently.
  • The coordination of centralized service points and consumed parts with adjustable belt-tension mechanism simplify the routine maintenance.
  • Enforced lubricating system with ON/OFF unloading design,greatly reduce the possible wearing of the moving parts.
  • Equipped with after-cooler system encbles to provide high quality air and save energy cost.
  • Unique oil alert mechanism.
  • Intelligent and flexible control system,enables to change to different running mode automatically to save energy.
  • Motor size:3~10HP
    Working pressure: 8~16kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 270~1080l/min
  • Powerfulness&Tranquil.
  • Reliable&Practical.
  • Motor protector mechanism.
  • Portable&Convenient.
  • Motor size: 2~3 HP
    Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:231~266 l/min
  • High pressure compressed air comes from two stage compressing air compressor, to disassemble the tire fast and easily.
  • Adjustable torque air wrench-ensure the stud firmly lock.
  • With motor driving-Convenient&silent to proceed with multi-repqiring lines. Provide best service to the customers.
  • With diesel engine driving:Provide efficient power to the repqired work at anywhere.
  • Extremelyconvenient to on call service.
  • Diesel Engine/Motor size: 5/3~8/5 HP
    Working pressure: 16kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 270~406 l/min
    Tank Capacity: 237 liter
  • Use your existing lower pressure compressed air to generate much higher pressure air to meet your special requirements.
  • Foundation and cooling water not required.
  • Oil alert mechanism avoids the seizing risks due to lube oil shortage.
  • Supply low and high-pressure air thru one pipe.
  • Motor size: 10~30HP
    Working pressure: 5~7 kg/cm2 F.A.D: 1166~3049 l/min
  • Tank Capacity : 310 liter