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Oil-less Type

  • Oil-less compressors are designed to meet customers’ quality and production objectives together with environmental concerns.
  • And provide clean, high quality oil-free compressed air in industries such as food and drink, pharmaceutical, electronics and textile.
  • With a long history and broad experience in compressed air systems, in SDU series the company are able to offer high efficient, top quality, reliable air compressors for all demands.
  • Motor size: 3~15 HP
    Working pressure:8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 285~1320 l/min
    Tank Capacity : 155~300 liter
  • The dental series of compressors are specially innovated to meet the most precise standard for compressed air purity in dental and other applications as “green energy”and assure the reliability and environmentally friendly.
  • Motor size: 1~5HP
    Working pressure: 7~8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 100~485 l/min
    Tank Capacity: 23~165 liter

  • More advanced, quiet, reliable.
  • The successful oilless silent model in SDC Series is to deliver the clean air and much reducing the noise level.
  • In addition, the less floor space, and users’ friendly interface, combined with the optimized controller as the monitors to safeguard the working status and achieve reliability.
  • Motor size: 3~15 HP
    Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 285~1225 l/min
  • Outstanding all-in-one design, Excellent performance.
  • With integrated air dryer and filter to provide you optimal clean and dry air, very suitable for high quality air demands in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, laboratory applications.
  • Single piece of IC control board comprised functions of starting, idling, cooling, water-drain, stopping and sequential control. Simply operated by ONE TOUCH.
  • Clean, Quiet, Energy saving and Auto control features… SWAN SDCD Series can meet with all you needs.
  • Motor size: 5~30 HP
    Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:451~2450 l/min
  • Through advanced and precisive engineering design, SWAN offers high performance VSD Series oil-less compressor to meet with all your reguirements for energy saving and environmental protection, now and in the future.
  • Motor size: 5~15 HP
    Working pressure: 6~8.5 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:451~1302 l/min
  • Providing clean air without oil.Never worry about oil shortage or oil vapor pollution. Introduce the prevailing environmental friendly concept into the practical usage.
  • Design with full consideration of lower noise level and lower vibration.
  • For user safety : all heated parts parts are well protected to avoid any possible scalded risk.
  • High efficient and power saving; Compact and handy carrying.
  • Automatic control system and motor protection mechanism; With much easier maintenance.
  • Various options for different application.
  • Motor size: 1.5HP
    Working pressure: 7 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:122~147 l/min
    Tank Capacity : 22 liter
  • Provide clean oil-less compressed air.
  • Higher working pressure 12 bar.
  • Portable,compact structures with the supplemental receiver for separate ues.
  • Efficient cooling airflow reduce the working temperature.
  • Self-lubrecating piston rings and corrosion resisting aluminum alloy cylinder.
  • Off-load starting and electric motor with protector.
  • Stainless air receiver.
  • Different pressure setting for other application.
  • Motor size: 1 HP
    Working pressure: 0.5~12 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:80~90 l/min
    Tank Capacity:16 liter
  • Clean oil-free compressed air.
  • Lower maintenance and less costs.
  • Various options for different application.
  • Motor size: 1.5 HP
    Working pressure: 7 kg/cm2
    F.A.D:122~147 l/min
    Tank Capacity:55 liter