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Silent Type

  • SWAN silent compressors are developed and equipped with extremely quiet mechanism.
  • Totally integrates the optimum system solution to meet your top notch requirements.
  • Motor size: 3~10 HP
    Working pressure: 3~10 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 336~1080 l/min
  • Noise Level :65~68 dB(A)
  • More advanced, quiet, reliable.
  • The successful oilless silent model to deliver the clean air and much reducing the noise level.
  • In addition, the less floor space, and users’ friendly interface, combined with the optimized controller as the monitors to safeguard the working status and achieve reliability.
  • Motor size: 3~15 HP
    Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 285~1225 l/min
  • Outstanding all-in-one design, Excellent performance.
  • With integrated air dryer and filter to provide you optimal clean and dry air, very suitable for high quality air demands in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, laboratory applications.
  • Single piece of IC control board comprised functions of starting, idling, cooling, water-drain, stopping and sequential control. Simply operated by ONE TOUCH.
  • Clean, Quiet, Energy saving and Auto control features…
    SWAN SDCD Series can meet with all you needs.
  • Motor size: 5~30HP
    Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 451~2450 l/min

  • Through advanced and precisive engineering design,SWAN offers high performance VSD Series oil-less compressor to meet with all your reguirements for energy saving and environmental protection, now and in the future.
  • Motor size: 5~15HP
    Working pressure: 6~8.5 kg/cm2
    F.A.D: 451~1302 l/min